3 Advanced WordPress Plugins for SEO Super Powers – (Power 2: Link Building)

If I could tell you one secret from my SEO ventures so far, it’s half the nice, glossy, outreach, super advanced link building shit that people write about is not what gets sites to number one in Google. Plus most of the people churning out these posts are not implementing half the stuff they talk about, because it take’s way too f**king long and whilst you are trying to buy influencers dinners, take them out for a nice meal, buy them something expensive and paint their house for free in return for a link, your competitors got 1000 profile links for $200 and are kicking your ASS in the SERPs. Not only that, they are doing it for a lot less. They don’t care Google will come along and pan all their client rankings, a low cost outsource model and an investment in aggressive outbound sales means they will just churn through sites burning clients as they go. How can you make sure your link building skills are worth paying for?

Of course there are some insanely smart people writing about link building and you should follow them. Justin Briggs (@justinrbriggs) wrote a killer post on content-based outreach for link building, every sane link builder should follow @garrettfrench and check out what he writes about on Citation Labs, and Super Power 2 (check out Super Power 1 here) is brought to you by one of my favorite SEO guru’s (ya gotta love that word), Will Reynolds from Seerinteractive. Will Reynolds is a pretty awesome speaker, if you want to catch one of his presentations, check out the Link Love video bundle from Distilled, in which he features. There is lots of link building awesomeness in there, I can vouch for some of it, unfortunately I still haven’t had time to make my way through all of them, but Will’s presentation is worth the cost alone. Now back to your Super Power 2.

Links from your SEO Church

The beauty of this super power is it’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments, all great ideas should evoke that response in people. SeerInteractive have released a WordPress Plugin that helps you acquire links from people who are already engaging with your brand (from your SEO church). Think brand evangelists. You can export all comments and associate a MozRank with them, simply get your API key over at seomoz.com/api and enter into the plugin.


SeerInteractive WordPress Exporter Plugin

Once you have used the API, you can look at individual comments and the associated mozRank:

SeerInteractive WordPress Exporter Plugin - MozRANK

You can then download all these into a CSV file and sort by Domain Authority:

ready made for hot leads !!! All served up for free. That’s a super power you need to have.

So what else cool stuff can you do with your CSV file. Well you can socialize your email addresses with Fliptop and start to build relationships.

and you can also upload them to RavenTools.com to track all their statuses.

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