3 Advanced WordPress Plugins for SEO Super Powers – (Power 1: Content)

WordPress is growing extremely fast, it’s running on 14.7% of the top million websites in the world and 22 out of every 100 new active domains in the US are running WordPress (get all the stats on WordPress here). One of the great advantages of WordPress for SEO is all the awesome plugins that are released for it. This is the first of 3 WordPress Plugins, that if used correctly, will give you super powers …. I kid you not.

So remove the glasses, take a spin in your chair and put on that cape, as we begin with our first super power.

1. Content Marketing Cannon WordPress Plugin from SEOROI

UPDATE: Gab just pinged me to say this plugin is now live. You can pick this killer WordPress Plugin – Content Marketing Cannon here.

The Content Marketing Cannon is a WordPress Plugin from Gab who runs SEOROI and is something he discusses in his excellent Advanced SEO book. The objective of this plugin is to help you Out Wiki, Wikipedia. In layman terms, it allows you to consolidate a number of blog posts into one authority article. This is good if you have released a number of blog posts on a subject and want to consolidate these into a guide, in order to rank for a competitive keyword. The core advantages of this plugin are to:

1) You get an in-depth authority article that is more likely to attract links than smaller bits of info.

2) The link juice from those articles consolidates onto 1 page, making it more competitive.

3) There are more possible longtail combinations to hit.

4) You reduce the number of posts and thus have more PageRank flowing from the categories into posts . Also, you reduce the need for pagination.

 Selecting Content:

There are a multitude of ways to choose what content you would like to consolidate into 1 page. For example, you can use one of Avinash’s custom reports in this AMAZING post “Produce Actionable Insights: Mate Custom Reports with Adv Segments!” – the Content Efficiency Analysis Report. Once setup, you can simply look through your site for keywords you would like to target and check if you have wrote much content using this keyword in the title:

Google Analytics ContentEffReport

Or you can use reports similar to those used for spotting pages that might need to be culled so the Google Panda is kept happy, e.g. content with bad engagement metrics. As Google explained, if a site is hit by Panda, it’s likely to get hit on all pages of the site, even if some are good quality, so exporting pages and auto adding noindex to the worst performing until traffic picks up was something recommended over at BlogStorm. For this you can simply export landing pages by visits to CSV and look for pages with low traffic that can be appended to another on the same topic. Or you could simply look for old posts that are pages and pages deep to give these a new life.

Live Example

For this example, I am going to use the same site I usually do for most of my examples, so we are back in mens fashion. I am going to take a number of posts into one and target against “Mens Fashion Trends this Winter 2012”.  This is really simple, just use the following:

You can add a table of contents using the code [/toc align=left/] and include posts using the code [/spid=/] (obviously no “/”). This doesn’t redirect the posts used, but you can easily do this using the following:

Content Marketing Cannon WordPress Plugin

Once you have redirected all those articles, you simply click on sub-articles to keep track of everything that has been redirect.

Content Marketing Cannon Sub-Articles

And you end up with a killer guide type post:

Edit: I had to kill this link due to a bug in the plugin. Gab is working on a fix for this and I will update when the post is live and working


So, there is your first super power, head over to SEOROI to pick it up !!!

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