About Me

kf-b2b-speaking-summitWho AM I ?

Kieran Flanagan (that’s me, I like to refer to myself in the 3rd party, makes me sound even more awesome) is the director for HubSpot in in EMEA. He previously worked for Salesforce.com (which is an awesome place to work) as their Inbound/Search marketing manager for EMEA, launching their #SocialSuccess site in the UK, which reached its annual traffic target in 6 weeks (very cool right?). The site has since been launched in Germany, France and Japan. Prior to Salesforce.com, Kieran worked as Head of Search for a leading Irish digital agency, where he won Gold in the UK DMA’s (never got to hold it !!) for best search marketing campaign. In his spare time he blogs on Searchbrat.com (that’s this site) and tries to build profitable websites (“try” being a key word).

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I also offer my advice for free if you ask a question over on Google+, just add my Google+ Profile and ask me a question.