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Colm Flanagan works in Search (SEO / PPC) & Google Analytics managing a range of clients and formulating both organic & paid strategies to beat competitors. Outside of his day role he works in affiliate marketing with Kieran and writes awesome posts like this.

Google+ Brand Pages – Are We Using Them Correctly?

At this stage the majority of us have a good understanding of Google+ brand pages and the advantages they could have. Many of the initial benefits are were pretty much expected aside a few cool new features like circles and of course the Hangouts. At this early stage we are still learning and discovering how best to use this new platform and incorporate it into our overall inbound marketing strategy. However, as more and more examples of creative pages surface, as marketers, it’s time to get our G+ thinking hats on and ensure we are doing all we can with even the basics that these pages offer.

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What are my Link Builders Doing? Stay away from Snakes and Ladders

Clients often don’t want to deal with or don’t understand what their SEO agency is doing when it comes to link building. Many of them will just ask how much will it take to achieve position X for these keywords. If you are working with a high flying agencies like Distilled, Branded3, then you are in the best of hands and will get a lot more guidance around your strategy. But for a huge portion of clients who cannot afford those rates, they often have to take a lot more chances and often get placed into a game of snakes and ladders.

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How Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels help to shape our Marketing

As digital marketing strategies evolve and begin to include more and more vehicles i.e. PPC, SEO, Remarketing, Social etc we need to get a full understanding of just how important each vehicle is in the consumer buying cycle. Up until now we have rolled out campaigns, analysed (mostly using Google analytics) and then modified based on our findings. However, Google analytics has always reported on, and gave credit to, the vehicle that generated the conversion (last click), but what about the other vehicles and the roll they played leading up to sale.

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Google Wallet Live on Sprint Nexus in San Francisco

Google Wallet Live Sprint

Announced back in May, Google wallet got a lot of people excited about this revolutionary method of payment. The official announcement has been released stating this new feature is to be rolled out this week and it is believed that a coffee shop in San Francisco has the payment teminals set up and ready to use.

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