Grind and Repeat: 20 Presentations in 10 Months

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In his book, Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcolm Gladwell discussed the “10,000-Hour Rule”, claiming you needed to practice a specific task for 10,000 hours to become an expert in it. At the start of 2013 one of my personal goals was to get better at public speaking. To make a dent in that 10,000 hours I set myself the head spinning goal of speaking 20 times in 2013. After recently speaking at the Content Marketing show I achieved that goal. Here are some of the things I learned about speaking over the course of the last 10 months.

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The Power of Intent in Inbound Marketing

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Inbound Marketing and the Power of Intent

At the first NLP conference I attended some years back the speaker described humans as:

“Goal Making Machines”

From the time we get up in morning until we go to bed at night we are constantly setting ourselves goals, both consciously and sub consciously. For example, the simple process of getting to work involves a series of goals, getting out of bed at a specific time, taking my many tablets for stomach & migraine problems, eating breakfast, feeding our pug etc. These are examples of sub conscious goals, in that I don’t even think about them, my brain is wired to meet these goals, they are habits.

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Why Cant SEOs Trust Their Own Results – an Irish Case Study

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I recently participated in a post titled – Tips when hiring an SEO Consultant where 10 people gave recommendations on what you should look for when hiring an SEO consultant/agency. I think for a lot of companies (in particular SMBs), this is a really difficult task. It’s probably how I feel when looking for a garage to get my car fixed. I am totally clueless in all things mechanical. I have no desire to improve my knowledge in this area, I don’t have time. I just want to pay someone to fix my car. Obviously the decision to hire someone to market your website is a lot more important than getting your car fixed, but it seemed like a good analogy 🙂

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Content Marketing isn’t Your Silver Bullet

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Content Marketing – Google Trends

Content Marketing is not going to solve all your companies problems, in fact it may add to them.

“Everybody’s doing it, so I need to jump on that”

In most online marketing channels, there are usually a small number of leaders who set trends and then a massive amount of people who follow suit. There is nothing wrong with this, it’s how online marketing tends to work. Transparency about what’s working is one of the best marketing tactics a leader can have to grow their own brand (this recent post by Justin Briggs is an excellent example – 33 Links & How to Get Them).

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Where have I been ? SEO + Content and lots of Funnel

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It’s a difficult balance to get right, having your head buried in a pile of work, actually doing it, and spending a little time on here writing about it. I made the decision this year not to take on any consulting work as I was flat out with my day time roles. I also made the decision to kill all my external affiliate sites. When I make a decision I can take quite drastic actions to implement it. I just a scrapped a site that cost me quite a bit to develop/design because I wanted to free up the space it was taking in my brain for other, better projects (I should of sold it). I recently sold my car for a fraction of it’s price for this same reason.

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How should iAcquire getting thrown under a Google Bus effect your strategy?

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Google really is on the war path. I started to work on a Google Penguin post but decided to wait a while and do a little more analysis as the onslaught of penguin posts was a little disorientating.

But the world of SEO is changing. Not just in terms of what tactics are best, but I feel Google is helping to shape a new mindset in SEO’s, that outing your competitors maybe the quickest way to get viable results.

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An Inbound Marketing Case Study

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I haven’t had a chance to blog much recently even though there are a LOT of things going on in the world of SEO. It’s pretty crazy right now. But this isn’t a proper blog post, I just wanted to flag a post I recently put live over on SEOMoz. It’s a detailed case study on a project I ran whilst at Salesforce and is based on a presentation I gave in London on the same topic. The post covers an inbound marketing case study and in particular:

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Blog Networks take a Kicking from Google – 3 Things to Know

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It appears Google is taking aim at the long list of blog networks that have sprung up over the past couple of years. Some of the biggest names like Build My Rank have even been shut down. Some of the other names to get hit (according to the IM world) include SEOLinkMonster, High PR Society, Unique Article Wizard, SEONitro, My Article Network, LinkVana and BackLink Canon. With Google also announcing a new “Too Much SEO” penalty, it appears the sky is falling for a lot of SEO folks. Here are 3 important things to note about what’s going on in the land of blog networks:

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4 Tips for Improving your Paid Advertising with a great Inbound Marketing Strategy

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There is a lot of great discussion taking place at the moment around the term “inbound marketing” and what it entails. I have talked previously on inbound marketing vs traditional SEO and recently presented an inbound marketing case study in London based on results we had generated using these tactics. During the recent discussion on SEOMoz, Ian Lurie made a great comment (one that more people should of picked up on):

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How to Promote and Build Links to your Great Content

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The following is a guest post from Jason Acidre who you should definitly follow via his blog Kaiserthesage and on twitter @jasonacidre

Content marketing has been one of the most powerful marketing strategies over the past years and an approach that’s somehow getting more favorable for search engines in seeding great from crap content over the web – proving it’s a force to be reckoned with.

Tom Critchlow once said that “Now is the time for content marketing” (he blogged about it last week). And I strongly agree, and I think most of us do, because it’s simply the best way to make a brand become known for what it’s great at. People will always know and remember you for the things you teach them to do/act on or for a certain value that only you can provide.

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