Building Links Through Adwords

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The following is a guest blog post:

Building links to your site. We all know this is the most time consuming part of a great SEO strategy. Emailing people all the time, spreading our links through twitter, and building up relationships with other site owners takes plenty of time. And while these tactics are all indispensable to a link-building campaign, there may be one that is often overlooked.

This is not a foolproof tactic, so use it at your own risk, but a new way that could easily bring in links to your site is through an Adwords campaign. People are searching for everything all the time. And when they find something they like, they usually share it with their friends on facebook, twitter, and yep – on their own websites with straight-up quality links right back to you. Let’s run through an example of how this would work so you can try it on your own site.

How to Put it Into Action

Imagine that you own a sunscreen website. You sell all types of sunscreen but aren’t doing very good with your organic sunscreen rankings. Create a page that can be used as linkbait that is related to organic sunscreen. Let’s say you make a funny video. (Host it on YouTube so people that find it on there may embed it and link back to you from their site.) Put the video and an article that can go with it on that page and start a campaign with some relevant keywords. When people come across your page, love it and think it’s the funniest video they have ever seen, they will post it to their facebook, twitter, and if they have a website they’ll put it up on that and you can get a link back to your site. Nice! As more people come across your ad and click on it, they will share it with their friends and the number of people that see it will increase exponentially causing you to gain a number of links back to your site.

There is one rule that has to be followed for this to work: the landing page of the ad must be great linkbait that everyone will want to share. If it’s not, then this link-building campaign will fail.

2 Advantages to This Tactic

1. Because you get all sorts of data metrics in Adwords, you can see how many clicks it takes to get a link and therefore how much each link is costing you. Then you can figure out if you should pour more money into the campaign (and even create another one) or if you should kill the campaign as the price / link is too high for your budget.

2. Not only can you use this as linkbait, but by also putting targeted calls-to-action on the page, you can get casual visitors to turn into customers. This makes it so that not only do you get more links to your site, but also you can gain quality sales/leads for your site in the same campaign.

This is a guest post from Kevin Kaiser who performs link building for Growth

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  • searchbrat

    Thanks for the guest post Kevin. I have a question on this. If you are building links to a page specific to link bait. How do you transfer this juice to your target page. Do you create a link bait page under your target page i.e. buy sunscreen (going by the example above) and do an internal link back up with anchor text. This would be a nice way of creating some extra juice under your target page and transferring that back up in a silo structure.

  • Building links through adwords is definitely an interesting concept.

  • Kevin

    Sorry for not responding sooner!!
    Your example would work well. But I envisioned just using that page as your product page then. With all this traffic and links coming in, why not just sell the sunscreen straight from that page as well using nice call-to-actions.

  • I never thought the idea of building links through adwords. I'm a newbie and so thankful for sharing this kind of post. Thanks for the new knowledge.