Buying High PR Sites to Get Some Link Juice

I LOVE linking, I know that may sound pretty sad but hey, that’s just the way I roll. Don’t get me wrong, I love all aspects of SEO and Online Marketing in general (well affiliate and niche) but link building does make the biggest difference. Plus their is a never ending learning curve. I spend a pretty sad amount of time investigating different link strategies and it can get pretty addictive. Plus you can go through a lot of sites as Google slaps the s**t out of me.

One way to keep tabs on what is going on in the linking world is to monitor different keywords. In Ireland I noticed storming to the top spot for “car insurance” so I decided to take a look at their link strategy. It’s really good. I am especially interested in the links they have from PR 5 sites like the following:


This site has one very weird page up with the content making little sense as it’s trying to weave together unrelated content so it can link to sites that have paid to be on that page.

What’s interesting is that site has a PR 5 with a lot of really good links from governmental sites and others along those lines. That’s because if we jump back in our waaaay back machine the site used to look like


Buying over high PR sites and using them in a link network is a good way to get some authoritative links. There used to be a good business in buying old sites, doing them up for a different markets and flipping them pretty quickly. Apparently this isn’t possible anymore with Google taking note of a whois change and also content. I am not sure if this is entirely true.

Certainly this brings one thing into light and something I have proved with a lot of sites. The emphasis places on themed links can be a little misguided. I am sure it helps a little but I have ranked sites for good keywords using nothing but spammy links from unrelated sites (lots of them social sites). Using as a further example, these PR 5 links from bought over sites have rocketed them up the SERPs, the content on those sites is not related to insurance. It’s simply a lot of garbage content sown together so paid links could be tossed in.

This is an area that interests me and I have been messing about with signing up to a few services that will ping you when domains are going to expire, although I am not going to put on my Domainer suit just yet.

This was a really really ranty post … cool

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