Do the Internet Marketing Elite like ShoeMoney Lie or are they just Loose with the Truth

I am trying to get my head back into affiliate, niche marketing and all that good stuff. This was always an area I had a lot of fun in, but haven’t been able to do much in the past year due to other work commitments. I probably find it fun because I haven’t had the balls to go live on a beach and make a living from it 🙂 but I am going to try dedicate a little more time to it from August onwards.

Getting to Grips with Internet Marketing

During my first year in SEO I worked agency side, did some consulting on searchbrat, wrote blog posts for searchbrat and began hanging around the WarriorForum. I tried my hand at auto blogging and basic affiliate marketing (making quite a few sales of beat software hurrah). I ended up on every mailing list going. I consumed more content than you could imagine. I ventured into the grey hat arena. I ranked a site top 5 for all types of internet marketing key phrases in the US using tiered forum link building. I started working out what guru’s to follow. I added Eben Pagen, Frank Kerns, Howie S, Shoemoney and Jeff Johnson. I bought lots of products (I bought guru mastermind from Eben Pagen for $1500 1.5 years ago, and still haven’t had time to go through it). I was exactly the kind of person that made these guys rich. Lots of ideas, lots of get up and go, but no focus, consuming too much content, buying up products, feeling good for 1 day as I looked at my shiny product, only never to implement a thing.

In my second year, I was exhausted by it (mostly because I was juggling too many things), I got made head of search at the agency, I was doing a lot more writing (guest posts), I was doing more consulting, I set up my own private link network, which I shut down to concentrate on publishing sites like (taking Aaron Walls advice that SEO’s should be looking at this model). I stepped back from internet marketing. I got off everyone’s list, tired of the constant sales pitches, the recommending shitty products to me and all the push button products, that were f**king rubbish.

Did I Fail

If measured by cash, YES, if measured by how much I learnt and continue to learn, NO. That knowledge adds value to everything else I do. I did go through how much time I was able to dedicate to internet marketing on a given month (using timesheets), it worked out as 10 hours max. Although I was impressed that Ewen Chea built his empire working from 7pm to 3am at night, it wasn’t something I could commit to :). I have built one site up to 25k visits per month and it’s sold 5k of products this year, but the kind of sites I want to build are low maintenance, which publishing sites are not.

The Guiding Light

Back to the point. I feel my love of internet marketing helps me be better at my job in search and inbound marketing as whole, so it’s something I want to dedicate a small piece of time to each month. I started paying attention to some of the gurus again last week. ShoeMoney is a monster at internet marketing, one of the legends. I am on his emailing list for “The Shoe Money System“. The first email I read was titled: “How SEO Made One Kid Rich”. In it he details how a kid named Andrew Wise is outranking him for his own system “The Shoe Money System” on the exact phrase “the shoe money system” using an SEO company called SEOLinkWheelers. The email proclaims Andrew is going to give a two part webinar on his success with the Shoe Money System and how he got ranked so highly (big hint in the actual email)

“He revealed also to me that he did it also 100% using SeoLinkWheelers and had spent less than $1,000.00 getting his site to #1 for all the competitive terms he wanted.”

It finishes with

“Now if I can only get someone from SeoLinkWheelers on a Webinar or something to explain why their link building techniques stand the test of time when all these other fly by night services are getting nuked with every Google update that would be great.”

Being Honest with Your List

In the email it’s never mentioned Andrew Wise owns SEOLinkWheelers or that all the links to their site are affilate links. I don’t get why there needs to be so much cloak and dagger in internet marketing. Andrew Wise uses his own company to rake in commission from ShoeMoney, ShoeMoney touts the wonderful performance of Andrew Wise using a company SEOLinkWheelers (never mentioning he owns it) and links across with his own affiliate links. Within the comments of the post, ShoeMoney won’t answer comments regarding this directly:

…. so much bullshit in this industry.

Still Impressive

The fact Andrew Wise outranks him for that phrase is still impressive. It helps that internal page is on a site with a lot of good links and mozRank, so it’s not just, stick up domain, spend 1k, hey I am rich. He already has a high value domain to create internal pages and run a couple of link wheels against. But I will reiterate, still impressive, from looking at his links, his company do what they say on the tin. Hopefully the webinar Andrew is giving is for SEOLinkWheelers and his method, as link wheels were never that successful for me.

Alex Kicking ShoeMoneys ASS

Does it Matter

In the end, this is how internet marketing is. Everything is blurred a little and it’s up to each individual to educate themselves and find someone who suits their needs. Shoemoney is still someone I will follow and respect and if you follow through on his teachings you will make cash. But there is a lot of room for complete transparency in that industry, which is probably why ViperChill is such a massive success.

So, I want to know:

Who do you follow in the internet marketing community that gives solid advice ?

What are your opinions on Link Wheels ?

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