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Where have I been ? SEO + Content and lots of Funnel

It’s a difficult balance to get right, having your head buried in a pile of work, actually doing it, and spending a little time on here writing about it. I made the decision this year not to take on any consulting work as I was flat out with my day time roles. I also made the decision to kill all my external affiliate sites. When I make a decision I can take quite drastic actions to implement it. I just a scrapped a site that cost me quite a bit to develop/design because I wanted to free up the space it was taking in my brain for other, better projects (I should of sold it). I recently sold my car for a fraction of it’s price for this same reason.

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An Inbound Marketing Case Study

I haven’t had a chance to blog much recently even though there are a LOT of things going on in the world of SEO. It’s pretty crazy right now. But this isn’t a proper blog post, I just wanted to flag a post I recently put live over on SEOMoz. It’s a detailed case study on a project I ran whilst at Salesforce and is based on a presentation I gave in London on the same topic. The post covers an inbound marketing case study and in particular:

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4 Tips for Improving your Paid Advertising with a great Inbound Marketing Strategy

There is a lot of great discussion taking place at the moment around the term “inbound marketing” and what it entails. I have talked previously on inbound marketing vs traditional SEO and recently presented an inbound marketing case study in London based on results we had generated using these tactics. During the recent discussion on SEOMoz, Ian Lurie made a great comment (one that more people should of picked up on):

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Traditional SEO vs Inbound Marketing – How to Scale your Business Fast

The growth of inbound marketing and recent Google changes have lead to a lot of changes for SEO over the past year. When people like Rand Fishkin start to use the word “inbound marketing” over “SEO” when describing their work, it does seem like the role of SEO is rapidly changing. The expectations of what a traditional SEO campaign should entail may also change. So just why is inbound marketing starting to become so popular within the SEO community?

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Google + What you Need to Know and 25 Inbound Marketing Experts to Circle

Google+ is increasingly becoming a social network that brands need to take notice off. Google look to be putting all their eggs into the Google+ basket and are playing to win. From aggressively rolling out new features to making Google+ part of their other properties, it seems the new kid on the block is here to stay. What follows is a quick guide on Google+ and the different areas you should take notice off. Think of it as your Google+ army knife 🙂

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5 Best Resources to get Started with Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing overview

If you have been hearing all this chatter about inbound marketing, you might be be thinking “I need to figure out what this is all about”. Well here are 5 inbound marketing resources that will get you up to speed in no time at all, simply block out a couple of days and get your inbound marketing game face on.

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