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Link Wheels – The Complete Guide to Creating a Killer Link Wheel

Link Wheels have been around for quite some time. It probably seems odd for anyone to do a post about something as old hat as link wheels when Google have just announced the next stage of social search, Search Plus your World. But there are some markets where the old ways still work. This post is a comprehensive overview of link wheels for anyone who wants to know more and the different variations of how they can be implemented, improved upon or simply bought.

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What are my Link Builders Doing? Stay away from Snakes and Ladders

Clients often don’t want to deal with or don’t understand what their SEO agency is doing when it comes to link building. Many of them will just ask how much will it take to achieve position X for these keywords. If you are working with a high flying agencies like Distilled, Branded3, then you are in the best of hands and will get a lot more guidance around your strategy. But for a huge portion of clients who cannot afford those rates, they often have to take a lot more chances and often get placed into a game of snakes and ladders.

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Link Building Tips to Put Your Strategy on Steroids #LinkBuilding

To celebrate my shinny new looking site (more on that in another post), I am going to write a blog post on link building. Let’s face it, there are literally a zillion posts dedicated to link building each day, so it’s hard not to get distracted by it all. Think I am lying, well check out this amazing post on 79  Link Building Resources for 2011 and bookmark it. I didn’t make the list, but one of my guest posts was chosen as a top post from the Ontolo blog, so in reality, I did make it, hurrah.

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Link Building – Get Ideas and Produce Linkable Content

Writing on search is something I really enjoy. I don’t get as much time as I would like to produce real big articles but do try and guest on a few really good blogs. There are few better (if any) than Ontolo’s blog. I am currently using their amazing tool set and contributing to their excellent blog. Here are my two most recent posts over there in case you want to take a look:

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How to Get Started with Your Link Building Campaign

My rate of blogging on searchbrat is ever decreasing. This is because I am in the process of writing out a functional brief for 3 of my sites (including this one) and trying to keep up with my daily search + analytics work. But the following blog post was inspired by an email I sent to someone looking for consultant work for link building. Their budget was quite small, so instead I gave them a couple of pointers on how they could start getting some links for themselves. The below is for a semi competitive keyword and is just to start getting some links to the site.

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For those who have read some of my previous posts, you would know I am a big fan of LinkResearchTools from the guys over at CEMPER. Since I started using them some months back, they have continued to add a huge amount of features to the tools. What’s better is, the price has remained the same. Recently they have added two great features:

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