Cosmic Youtube Panda – Get a Glimpse of the Future Youtube

Video Marketing is f*cking awesome. Do you know 48 hours of new video is uploaded to Youtube every minute, yes, every minute, that’s awesome. Do you know how social video is, 100 million people take a social action on Youtube (like, shares, comments etc) every week. That’s 100 million, more awesomeness for video. 150 years of Youtube video are watched every day on Facebook and every minute more than 400 tweets contain Youtube links. It’s one giant pot of video awesomeness.

If you do video marketing and you should be, then you will be interested in the Cosmic Panda. The Cosmic Panda allows you to opt into Google’s new test of a totally new look for Youtube. Everyone can opt in freely right here:¬†

This is how a video channel looks for one of my sites (above the fold):

This is how the same section looks through the eyes of the Cosmic Panda:

Cosmic Panda Youtube Changes
Cosmic Panda Youtube Changes

The right hand side is now a lot cleaner with your important details showing:

The playlists are a lot easier to read

Cosmic Panda Playlists

When you are watching a video, it’s also a better experience, you get related videos at the bottom so you can easily navigate around:

Really worth opting in and having a play around, so what are you waiting for, go get pandarized, in a good way this time !!

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