Create your own Online Marketing Magazine

One of the main problems in online marketing is keeping up with all the information out there. It is a little overwhelming. I used to try read all of it. I quickly realised this was not only pointless but anyone who is actually good at online marketing is out there putting actual work in and not spending every hour reading content. Too much reading can leave you with too many ideas and not enough hours for real work. Now there is a solution

The initial plan I came up with is to create a golden circle of feeds. I follow about 8 core online marketers and make an effort to read their posts (when it doesn’t interfer with actual work). So what could be better than that ?

Well perharps one of the coolest things I have seen in a while is this:

It’s a little tool made by HP that allows you to create a magazine from your RSS feeds. It’s really easy to use. I made one for SEO and a seperate one for Online Marketing. I set the SEO one to be delivered to me every evening and the online marketing issue every week.

Great little tool. I highly recommend it.

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