Establishing Valuable Content with Google Analytics

A personal site I started working on in June (along with my partner in crime – my little brother) is starting to gather a little bit of traffic (8k a month). Usually when working on a new site, we get some heavy hitting keywords, do some siloing and get a lot of content on the go (unique and quality is key). If the site has potential, it’s worth building out a little more. With it being a market both of us are interested in, I am in the process of writing a functional brief to get a whole new design and some key features developed.

I already know the site is lob sided in terms of what categories get traffic. This is natural with only 3 months of work, most of the content is getting stuck under a couple of categories. But the following process is helpful when planning the relaunch of a site. It can help you decide on categories/sub categories to keep with the new site and others that may not be working. Consistently pruning a site to only keep high performing content, will ensure no one part of your site drags down overall performance. The process would be a lot more beneficial if your site is a couple of years old.

1. Getting Number of Pages per Segment

I am comparing two sub categories. Both are targeting a certain brand of runners (Supras & Nike). I want to establish what kind of content is working for me. First I check how much content I have for both:

Supra – 130 pages

Nike – 35 pages

As I said, lob sided 🙂

2. Keywords Sending Traffic



Content Performance

Next I would be interested in how the content is actually performing:


so 89% of my available content is getting some kind of views

Looking at the general performance of content

Although I am happy with this content overall, I am disappointed with the bounce rate and average time on site. I may look through the content in more detail and check what kind of content users are bouncing on most.


In this case 71% of this content is getting some kind of traffic

The general traffic stats would tell me the kind of content being produced for nike may need to looked at, the bounce rate is quite high.

Conversion Performance

Of course the most important thing is to identify what kind of content is the best at coveting, form selling products, gaining RSS subscribers, download forms, whatever it may be.

Going One Step Further

If you are managing a large publishing sites with multiple authors, it’s worth segmenting by authors so you can look at the performance of their content. When looking for a way of doing this. I came across Yoasts Google Analytics plugin, which does all of the above and more (including authors), so just get that 🙂

The above steps (either manually or using Yoasts plugin) is a good way to work out what kind of content is most valuable. If relaunching a site, it can help you prune under performing categories.

Well, at least I found this blog post valuable !!

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