Get Links Automatically … But you have to PAY !!!

I was going to write a really interesting post on how a certain link profile can quickly get you de-indexed from Google. I recently had two blogs taken out of the Google index. They were new and I probably over optimised for one keyword and also, only focused on one source of link building, so got a red flag. But due to working on a new site (trying to get used to WordPress thesis) and other SEO activities, I haven’t put together proper analysis. Instead, I am going to list 10 applications that can help with your back links …. wooo hoooo.

I could of added about 100 of these, so just choose ten for now. I have used some of these but not others. I am not going to give a review or say which I found great. This is just an overview of some of the tools that are available. You can go check them out yourself. I would say, some automated tools can help but the real power is how you interweave them.


iSnare has an article submission service that costs $2. It allows you to create a couple of backlinks in the resource/bio-box and point them anywhere you want. It will then post the article to a couple of hundred article directories. You may not get much value from submitting the same article to that many directories (Google will filter them out) and I did hear iSnare were having issues (a long lag time or something). But I haven’t checked it out, so could be wrong.


This offers a lot for $47 per month. You get one way links from related sites, you get to submit articles to a blog network with links back to your site and you also get people bookmarking your sites. I have heard some good things about this service but haven’t tried it myself. I think the one way permanent links only exist as long as you are a member but the article submissions will great life long links (you should double check this).


Another link network. I am honestly not too up on it. The doors are closed at the moment. I have heard it’s ok but a little spammy. Again, not my words, it’s just rumours 🙂


Offers unique one way links to all pages within your site. There are 4 different payment schemes dependent on how many domains you want to manage. Prices can range from $37 to $247 per month.


It’s basically a search engine (a little similiar to dofollow search engines) that allow you to seek out pages that you can drop a link in. It’s $20 a month.


Is another link network. You can submit articles to it and respin them within the console. It also hooks up to a cool little piece of software that will help rewrite the articles. You can also add blogs to the network and get content added to them. This can help put together your own little network of index drivers (if you don’t know what I mean here, I will post at a later date on it). The more blogs you add, the more bonus links you get. A lot of the blogs your content appears on are suspect and a lot of the content tends to be duplicate as people don’t respin. You can join for free to check it out.


UniqueArticleWizard submits your articles, videos and audio + images to 11,000 article directories and blogs. Like Freetrafficsystem it has an article spinner that makes each article unique. It also creates links within related content. It’s $67 per month.


Pretty much the same idea as UniqueArticleWizard, it allows you to submit to 600 article directories. It’s around $200 for the year (don’t quote me on that and I am too busy to go check, yup, that is lazy).

9. MyArticleNetwork

Brought to us from the brother of Brad Callen (Matt). It boasts a network of 10,000 blogs. I was about to jump in and test it but got side tracked. I have spoken to some people who use it and results have been mixed (in some cases results not showing on the blogs). Again, I can’t verify this and perhaps people don’t know how to track their own content. 10,000 blogs is a lot though, but effects can be diluted if you are not submitting new content to each i.e. if you have one article being submitted to hundreds of blogs


This will automatically submits your content, spins it, bookmarks it and creates it into an .exe ebook to submit to software directories 🙂 hmmm that last point is pretty outdated or maybe I am wrong !!! It’s $47 bucks per month.

There are a couple of points I would add. Always make sure you have a system to track your content (with links added) and always have a setup to get these indexed + keep them in the index. This will give you an extra push over a lot of people.

Also I would check out a great site with reviews of some of the above ….

I would love to hear from other people on how they build links and if you have made it this far, might as well RETWEET IT

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