Getting Those Darn Links Indexed

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Often it may be enough to just run a big kick ass SEO link campaign and watch your keyword rank smack the sh*t outta everyone elses but in certain markets half the battle is geting your links indexed (and keeping them indexed). If you are serious about links then doing a little research on how to get them indexed and point a little bit of link love their way can yield some great results.

As I spend huge amounts of time researching different link campaigns, I have spent a lot of that on getting some links indexed and in some cases, building other links to those links (getting confused yet). I decided to run a little test leveraging the following social media sites

Note: All links used where either article links, links in blog posts or links in PR releases. They were all from similar sites (in terms of PR)

Twitter Index Driver

5 Links Syndicated: I used one of my throw away twitter accounts and a tool that will auto retweet a tweet a certain number of times.

Social Bookmark Index Driver

5 Links Syndicated: I used one of my throw away social bookmark aliases and a tool that will auto bookmark a post/article. It will do this across a selection of social bookmark sites and also appear from different IP addresses i.e. it won’t look as if a computer program is doing it

Social News Index Driver

5 Links Syndicated through Digg: I used one of my throw away digg aliases and a tool that will auto syndicate a news story. (I set it for 30 diggs)

5 Links Syndicated through Reedit: I used one of my throw away reedit aliases and a tool that will auto syndicate a news story. (I set it for 30 bumps)

5 Links Syndicated through Mixx: I used one of my throw away mixx aliases and a tool that will auto syndicate a news story. (I set it for 30 bumps).

Article Index Driver

5 Links Syndicated: I used a tool that will allow me to spin an article and swap in links that are then syndicated out on mass to other directores, so I use this to build links to good links I want indexed

The reason I say “throw away” is because I want it clear they have no authority/community built up i.e. friends/network. They simply act as a means to seed content that gets auto tweeted, bookmarked etc.

Now, I KNOW there are hundreds of factors that result in your link getting indexed, so I am not saying this is concrete test. I just thought how I throw a few tests together may interest a few people.

Index drivers are a powerful concept. For example, this gets really interesting when you build a blog for this purpose, hook it up to, which is then hooked up to the likes of a twitter account, posterous, tumblr blog, digg, multiply, which in turn gets auto syndicated etc etc …. but I just wanted to strip away all that to the simple tests above …. and I would/have charged for the more complex setup + knowledge !!!

Oh, I will do a follow up to this with results in a week !!!

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Online Marketer who implements both inbound and paid strategies to help companies grow internationally. Lover of content marketing, SEO, analytics, CRO and strategy. A highly motivated marketing geek high on data crack.

  • PaulB

    Hi, are you indexing methods automated? Ie when you say “Social Bookmark Index Driver” do you mean bookmarking demon? Or are you just going to sites manually?

    Thanks Paul

  • Hey Paul

    Exactly, everything is automated via tools. You can basically set a day per week, go through your link trackers (these should hold all links gained for that week) and fire them out the different index drivers (all automated).

    I have split test an automated tool for social bookmarking against another service that has humans booking marking your stuff. The later is far too time consuming for getting links indexed.

  • PaulB

    Hi, yeah that sounds pretty cool. Would love to see a post on how you automate that to be honest as it seems a bit over my head. Ive found bookmarking demon to be pretty unruly at the best of times.

    Ive tried things like article marketing and directories too but found them pretty low value and actually quite time consuming (especially articles).

    BTW are you in Ireland too? Im in Belfast