Google Adwords – Sponsored Listings Bottom of Page

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The SERP’s never look the same anymore. In fact, they are a revolving door. Different look and feel everyday almost. Not sure if it’s a great thing for Google’s users, but, will leave that to one side. I noticed the following over on

This may not be new, I have been pretty busy so haven’t been reading the blogs this week. But it appears Google are testing removing all ads from the right sidebar and having sponsored listings top and bottom of the page. This was a semi competitive keyword so didn’t have a whole pile of PPC ads.

I would assume these results would all be based on PPC ad volume. I can’t see them doing it for competitive searches. Maybe for location based though, it would get rid of the current issue i.e. having a big map covering the ad space.

Anyone seen this ?

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  • Cormac Moylan

    That's bizarre. I wonder what the logic is? The CTR from being listed 11th to 13th must be below 1%.

    Google, finding new ways to make less money?

  • searchbrat

    It's an odd one. I think Google approach all these kind of changes as a constant split test. Dependent on intent, history, competition, maybe there are some type of searches where users venture further down the page. Bit of a long shot, but nothing they do seems to be without revenue at the core. This could be something they implement for location search. It would resolve the issue with the big map on the right hand side, covering ppc ads, and along with map listings now in the organic area (and the possibility sponsored map listings could be blurred into that area), the SERP page is really becoming a bit of a sponsored mess.