Google Analytics Early Xmas Present – Real Time Analytics Now Live

by on October 7, 2011

I mentioned a couple of days ago Google were launching a beta version of real time analytics this week, well most people should have access to it this morning, and it’s kinda awesome.

The core dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of activity on your site:

Google Analytics Real Time Overview

Google Analytics Real Time Overview

Page Views Per Second / Minute

You can take a look at what people are reading on your site and also how they are arriving at your site:

Google Analytics Top Active Pages

Google Analytics Real Time Traffic Sources

The break down of pageviews for the past 30 minutes is a nice way to look at what your audience are interested in right now:

Google Analytics Page Views past 30 Minutes

The core advantage of having this data is to see how real time campaigns are affecting traffic on your site and would allow you do tweak campaigns based on that activity. Digital’s core advantage is the amount of insights you have to change tactical campaigns, being able to do this in real time is just another strength of being a modern day online musketeer (in honor of the new film :))


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