Google Analytics Just Got Better

Google Analytics (the best free tool in the world) just got even better (if that is possible) with the addition of a number of new functions. When providing SEO Services it’s imperative you understand stats. It’s not just about bringing traffic to a site, it’s about bringing the right traffic. Here are some reasons you need to bury the head in some Google Analytics books (the tool just keeps improving).


One of the problems I found with Google Analytics is the limitations on the number of goals you can have per profile. Previously you could only have 4 meaning for large sites, you would often have to create multiple duplicate profiles to capture all the goals details. Google now offer you 4 sets of goals with 5 goals per set. Yes, that works out to 20 goals per profile. This really is a huge help.


Google has added some powerful engagement metrics to the goal conversions. You can now create goals for two metrics that are useful for tracking engagement with your site (nice for branding campaigns etc, check out this AWESOME post by Avinash on branding metrics ). Those two goals are:

a. Time On Site

I can now create a goal based around the average time on site.


b. Pages Visited

I can now create a goal based around the number of pages a user visits on my site


3. More Advanced Search Features

Something Google added a little time below was the ability to add a second dimension (which is really cool). You can see this in the below screen shot with keywords being segmented by City.


Google has created a report showing how many people in certain areas searched for a particular keyword (powerful stuff for local adwords campaigns). This can be sorted further by comparing individual pairings to the site averages.


You can have a lot of fun segmenting your data in this way

Well now they have added Advanced Filtering that allows you to create advanced segments under each set of data. For some reason I don’t have access to this at the moment so cannot show any screen shots. You can check out the video on advanced branding metrics


4. Sharing Advanced Segments / Custom Reports

Really cool feature just added is the ability to share Advanced Segments and Custom Reports across different users. Really useful if you are dealing with accounts that have multiple users.

5. Google Analytics Intelligence

Google Analytics Intelligence is coming !!! This allows you create daily, weekly and monthly alerts to inform you when certain metrics change on your site. For example you can set an alert around bounce rate for individual landing pages. When they drop dramatically you can do some analysis on the reasons for it. This is a BRILLIANT feature. It can often be a huge draw back in your online success to become too stats focused. Alerts will although you to create  a system where by you don’t stare at your Google Analytics stats day in day out, only when you really need to !!!

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