Google Analytics: New Performance Tab in Site Speed Analyitcs

Google continues to roll out new features contained in its latest addition of Google Analytics. To help users understand their page load time better, they have introduced a new “Performance” tab. This gives a far better overview of page load time, rather than a skewed view you may get from looking at Average Load Time.

The performance tab can is available as follows:

Google Analytics Performance Tab

The performance tab allows you to see page load times sectioned into buckets and also lets you add advanced segments. For example:

I have added an advanced segment for the U.S and United Kingdom as these are the two core markets of this website. It allows me to see what type of performance these are users are seeing. The most obvious segments to add to make full use of this feature is “Visits with Conversions” and “Visits without Conversions”. You may be able to spot speed issues for people who do not convert, thus giving you something else to work on to improve your conversion rate.

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