Google Analytics: Real Time Analytics and Enterprise Edition

Google have continued to roll out the changes, along with new performance tab announced to help companies better understand their website, they have now announced another feature a lot of people have been calling for over the past couple of years, real time analytics. 

Google Analytics Real Time

Google real time analytics is a huge step in the right direction for Google as people look to measure the impact of social lead campaigns from sites like Twitter and Facebook where it’s important to monitor results in real time. You will get access to this report under Dashboards this week.  If you can’t wait around, sign up for it right here.

Google Analytics Premium Enterprise Features

Google have also announced a paid version of their awesome analytics tool (paid version of Google Analytics). The paid version is for large sites with a heavy traffic. It will also come with premium support and custom installations. It will be interesting to see how this fairs against Omniture’s paid (and rather clunky) version.

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