Google Analytics – Segment Your Users by Vists

I wanted to follow up on my post (Google “Understanding the Consumer Buying Cycle“) around Google’s new Adwords Search Funnels by sharing another quick tip on Google Analytics advanced segments.

If you a running an Ecommerce site with a high ticket item, chances are, users may need repeat visits to your site before purchasing. What’s interesting is how user behavior differs between visits. Something I look at is breaking up a site into different visit segments (if its an Ecommerce site).

Visits To Purchase

The first thing you want to establish is “Your Visits to Purchase”:

The visits to purchase will show you how many times a user needs to interact with your site before purchasing.

First Time Visitors

Not everyone comes to your site to purchase something. The truth is a lot of people come to your site with no intention of converting. When you look at a conversion rate of 2% (the European average for Ecommerce sites), keep this in mind. You are not losing 98% of your possible conversions, many of these were never possibles to begin with. Something that can provide some interesting data for search is to create an Advanced Segment as follows:

Visitor Type – Matches Exactly – New Visitor

Keyword – Does Not Contain – <Branded Keyword>

Page – Matches Exactly – Goal URL

In the above I segment non branded search traffic where a user has reached a URL that indicates they are a prospect. For example, the Goal URL maybe one created when a user searches for rates.

The above advanced segment is pretty interesting for looking at keywords that drive new users into the top of a funnel. Looking at top content using this segment can also prove insightful. The top content first time users view tends to be a lot different from those who have been to your site before.

Repeat Visitors

You should always segment New vs Returning visitors. Something I tend to do is create segments for Visitors who have been to the site a number of times:

The above creates an advanced segment for users who have visited your site 3 times. This is a little to exact, I usually create one for a user who has visited 3+ times. Why ? Well, again looking at top content may show these users are getting stuck at a certain point, even when they have been to your site a number of times. If a large portion of this traffic is converting, then maybe consider creating an advanced segment for users who have visited your site 3+ times and didn’t convert. Is there another reason they come back to your site ? Maybe there is some content on your site they keep refering to ? This can lead to setting up more goals for this particular set of users i.e. splitting your site into Micro Conversions ( Check out Web Analytics 2.0 for more on that, no link, simply Google it, Avinash will thank for me helping with his personalised search 🙂 )

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