Google+ Brand Pages – Are We Using Them Correctly?

At this stage the majority of us have a good understanding of Google+ brand pages and the advantages they could have. Many of the initial benefits are were pretty much expected aside a few cool new features like circles and of course the Hangouts. At this early stage we are still learning and discovering how best to use this new platform and incorporate it into our overall inbound marketing strategy. However, as more and more examples of creative pages surface, as marketers, it’s time to get our G+ thinking hats on and ensure we are doing all we can with even the basics that these pages offer.

There many features yet to be rolled out within these pages and there are many, many industry thoughts as to just how important and influential they may become, but for now, we just need to get the basics right.

Producing Content

Posting content regularly is a complete must as publishing inconsistency prevents you from building momentum. Short bursts of content will loose steam and you will end up with an unresponsive audience as you fail to keep them interested in the topics you cover. Another thing to remember is that spark content is going to be returned to users who search within the Google+ search bar so why not work on owning all that related content to your product / service.

Google+ Content
Google+ Content


Direct Connect and Photos

First of all, ensure you have opted in to Google+ direct connect by simply adding the snippet of text to your site. This basically means your page will show up in the SERPs when people search for the brand name as well as opting in for the option to be shown in Google Suggest when you enter <+brand name>, this feature will be rolled out to the masses next year.
Another feature these brand pages handle well are the pictures, try to add pictures where possible to enhance your content. When adding a profile pic they actually have a neat little tool that allows you to customize the pic so you can get a bit creative here. Also, include eye catching and related pictures into your profile, you can add up to five here.

Google Direct Connect
Google Direct Connect

Utilizing Circles 

Being another feature unique to Google+ they should really be used correctly to gain all the benefits. Segment your audience and begin targeted content marketing, Time Magazine are a great example of this as they segment by topics so their readers only see the content they want thus increasing the interaction their content receives. Think of international businesses who produce content in many languages – this is the perfect solution!

Recommended Links

Recommended links can be found on the ‘About’ section of a Google+ business page, and it allows you to drive traffic to your website and generate leads from landing pages. Why not link out to some of your strongest content or subdomains.

Recommended links
Recommended links


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