Groupon Could be the Perfect fit for Google’s Affiliate Model

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One of the more interesting subjects discussed this time last year was around Google’s evolution into the biggest affiliate online. Redfly wrote a really good post on the topic here. That post is worth a read (if you haven’t already) as it gives a great overview of how much Google’s business model continues to evolve.

Well if the rumors are true Google just may be continuing along this path buying Groupon for 2.5 billion. If you include the recently launched, Google is starting to look more and more like your typical affiliate store. The core reason behind Groupon may lie in Google social aspirations, but when you look at how Adwords evolves with product feeds and it’s integration with Google merchant accounts, these sort of properties make sense. The big question is will Google leverage SEO for their affiliate type stores.

Boutiques is available in Google’s product search and is based on the same technology behind, which Google acquired.

It will be interesting to see if Google look to do any SEO on this portal:

It’s predecessor had over 20 million pages indexed and made use of page titles etc:


It will be interesting to see what Google do with Groupon. Econsultancy had a really good article on Groupon. Again it will be interesting to see if they will leverage SEO (currently not), again, Econsultancy had a great break down of why SEO could be important to Groupon.

It’s always interesting to keep an eye on the properties Google picks up. They have been trying to make a profit from Youtube for years. The recent French Connect store Youtique is another interesting move for Google, again towards the affiliate store type model.

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