Google Farmer / Panda Update – Not about Links – All About Link Building

by on March 4, 2011

The Google farmer (panda) update is now in full swing and has been covered in detail by a number of great posts. For a complete guide on this, you can check out the post from Distilled who provide links to some other great posts on the topic along with some excellent analysis.

The Losers

Something that caught my attention was the winners/losers from SEOMoz, namely:

- ezinearticles (-90%)
- hubpages (-87%)
- (-85%)
- articlebase (-94%)
- findarticles (-90%)

Compare this to sites like Wikihow (+79%) / Yahoo Answers (+28%) + Ehow (+13%) – it would seem sites with lots of duplicate content were effected (link building by spinning crappy articles has been a big hit for a while now), but those with unique content, all be it rather thin, managed to make gains. It’s a bit of a surprise ehow managed to survive without any ill effects but other Demand Media sites did get hit. It’s also good to see Mahalo included in the list of losers.

RIP Auto Strategies ?

I think article marketing/spinning and blog networks could really be suffering (or will) after this update. Think of all the link networking services that have pinged up over the past couple of years,  Unique Article Wizard, SEONitro, SEOLinkVine, LinkVana, My Article Network, Build My Rank, Article Rank, BLS, Linx Boss (there are a lot more), these are based on the same type of set up. Content getting pumped across a network of blogs (dropped domains or otherwise). Some of these are struggling (nice way of saying total garbage) – I would guess others are going to struggle, despite what their sales page says (all of them will update it to reference this Google update and how their network is protected). This update could have a massive effect on link building. Article spinning and blog networks are the life blood of a lot of link building campaigns, especially in some affiliate spaces – it’s going to be interesting to keep an eye on sites that use these tactics and see if they tank.

Insert Generic Marketing Message

I should now insert a marketing message like “If you don’t want to be on the loser category talk to me” – but I don’t have any capacity to take on consultant work at present :) but you can get on a waiting list so maybe that message isn’t a total waste of space !!

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  • Codrut Turcanu

    hey, thank you.

    that's good to know. I wrote a similar article (in fact guest post) on this topic, if you like to read and comment on as well :)

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  • Online Reputation Management

    The Panda update seems to be ongoing as I took a hit this past month  on
    blogs that had originally seen an increase in traffic after the
    beginning rollout of the Panda update.

  • searchbrat

    Hi Codrut,

    Thanks, I will check out your article.


  • searchbrat

    That's interesting, they could be rolling parts of it out or making tweaks.

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