Google Instant Search – Why SEO Consultants Are World Class Marketers

Well, you go on holidays for a week and the world of search gets a right good shaking up. Truth be told, search is changing at  a rapid pace these days, it can be difficult to keep up. Google announced instant search, which promised faster results, smarter predictions and instant results or what seems to be a great big spoon to insert in the users mouth.

The SEO is DEAD Post

With every new Google development you get the customary “SEO is DEAD” post, a novelty that is starting to wear thin, with perhaps one of the best written by shoemony in 2005. It was the turn of Steve Rubel to stick his head up and declare SEO as irrelevant this time round. The post is full of inaccuracies and questionable logic. There were a couple of great replies to this, not least from Tim at SEOWizz (@seowizz) and Vanessa Fox over at Nine by blue. Maybe we should just all forget search, as SimplyZesty have said, it’s just plain broken (Yikes).

Is SEO All Bad

If Google so much as sneezes it seems there is a rabble declaring SEO is dead, search is no longer relevant and we should all dance around in joy. Of course, there are always motives for posts, most are link bait, others are social media companies desperately waiting for the end of search so they can take budgets off clients who still see search as the number one vechile in terms of ROI.

It seems SEO is to forever be seen as a snake oils man sport by a selection of people, who still feel its stuffing keywords into a page and link spamming until a number one spot is earned. They don’t see true SEO as delivering usable websites, great content, best in class market research, competitor research, consumer profiling and fulfilling gaps in markets (to name but a few). Aaron Wall over at is a world class marketer, his insights into online are unrivaled, yet he started as an SEO consultant. The guys over at show how to build great links using relationship and content marketing (wow not spamming), some of Garrett French posts on content marketing are jaw dropping, Dave Harry over at SEODojo writes spell binding posts on the future of search, intertwined with online user behavioral changes (he classes himself as an uber geek). SEOMoz are a marketing machine, realizing the power of CRO, they worked with Conversion Rate Experts to produce spectacular results. Yet when the Guardian mention search, it’s:

““There’s a lot of “black hat” SEO (which involves things like stuffing the comments of blogs with links to your site, in the hope Google will think lots of bloggers love the pointed-to site) and there’s “white-hat” stuff like many others do, which is simply trying to get yourself noticed by using the words that people are searching for prominently on your page.””

Charles Arthur – The Guardian

We are still in 2002 and the world class marketing of so many gets discounted.

What Does Google Instant Change

The reason SEO consultants are so good, is they will already be working out how Google Instant is set to change user search behavior. There is no change in how pages are ranked, simply in how quickly Google want to get a user from A to B. There is no concrete answer to a number of questions surrounding Google Instant in terms of how will head and long tail keywords be affected, or what affect it will have on the split between paid and organic, but search is an ever changing beast. This is reason most of us love working in it.

One tip may be to create a Google Analytics profile to track long and head tail keywords.

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