When a Number 1 Spot on Google isn’t Good Enough

The world of search has and will continue to be affected by both localized results and social media. The results being served up by Google are no longer focused on the organic results, they are instead a combination of their own properties. SEO Services being delivered are going to need to be innovative, entrepreneurial, social, strategic and cost effective i.e. Not just sticking a keyword in the meta tags and copy …. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

It struck me when reading a recent post on a forum that having the number 1 spot on Google no longer meant you were top dog. In fact, for some markets you are below the fold.


You need to scroll down to even see the first organic result. Admittedly in this day and age you would expect most people to know how to use their scroll button. But this will still result in a lot less traffic coming through to your site.

This is going to continue, the search results of the future will get more blended into Google news, Youtube, Google Blogs, Google Maps, Paid Ads (soon to be twitter results and whatever else can keep people on their page). Why is Google going to give you a click for free when they can try earn the revenue themselves.

Competing in the organic results will just get tougher and more time consuming. There are already some markets where buying links is often the only way to compete on a level playing field. Both businesses and SEO consultants who rely on organic traffic need to diversify. If Google (Search Engines in general) can make a little more cash by pushing down organic results and pushing their own content, it’s a no brainier. It could be construed as monopolistic of Google to push it’s own products instead of the organic results that people have worked for but that is the Google of the future. They are a non stop revenue generating machine.

What’s interesting is Bing / Yahoo are providing cleaner results with the extras being added to the right/left panels. Bing is making a very small dent in Google’s figures in the U.S, it will be interesting to see how that continues.

Will the role of SEO exist in a couple of years, we may have a completely different title on our hands …. when I think of the SEO world in a couple of years I think “Traffic Optimisation”

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