Google marking blogcatalog profiles as spam

by on March 13, 2009

I am pretty sure this just isn’t my profile but Google has taken a severe dislike to my blogcatalog page … doh



  • Herbert

    Thanks for your comment. I’m sure you’ll pass the IQ test with high score!

  • Tony

    Just spotted the link to this from the Irish Webmaster Forum, and decided to have a look. I also checked out the actual link above, and nearly coughed my tea over the laptop when I saw the ad sitting proudly across the top – Gay Mature Dating. Wonder how many ex-Fair City actors will be applying to that!!!!

  • Kieran

    Hey Tony

    Thanks for dropping by. I gotta be honest, I have been working all day and my brain may be a bit fried … but i am not getting the gay mature dating thing .. is that a link on this site ?

  • Kieran Flanagan

    ha, i see what you mean now tony … that is some weird advertising on blogcatalogs part …

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