Google now indexing Facebook Comments

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There were a couple of interesting posts on Facebook comments this morning that are worth taking note of. It appears as if Google are now indexing Facebook comments even though they are behind Jscript. The full story is available here at If you visit that post and look at the Facebook comments, you can see Google has already indexed some of them:

Google Indexing Facebook Comments

This was also picked up by BlogStorm who made a very good point:

“Facebook previously said that users needed to use the Facebook Graph API to pull comments in if they wanted them to be indexed which resulted in a nice plugin being developed for WordPress.”

Google is definitely getting more aggressive in terms of how much they can index.

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  • Jonny Darling

    Important news Kieran, not just from a social perspective but also a major factor in future web development. Cheers, Jonny Darling

  • Tad Chef

    I can’t see my Facebook comments from third party sites yet on Google. I tested with TechCrunch comments. On the other hand some of my Facebook comments from my public profile show up.

  • Anonymous

    It looks as if they rolled it back or something has changed. The comments I checked are no longer pulling back any results.

  • Tad Chef

    In the past real time results have been vanishing after a while as well. Thus you got only recent tweets when you searched Google. Or Facebook has blocked Google in some way.

  • Tad Chef
  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the feedback Tad, it could be real-time results vanish as you say, I have noticed this happen for quite a few Facebook comments.