Google Reader – What Does It Say About You

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Taking a look through your Google reader can be an interesting task, if you haven’t cleaned it out in 12 months (like myself). It can chart how far you have progressed over a given year and where your current focus is. SEO is another marketing vehicle but one that can be a lot different from others, in terms of the skill set required to really excel at it. There have been many great debates on weather SEO is an art or a science, weather the geeks or marketers perform it best. The truth is, it probably helps be good at both and this should be reflected by what you read.

There are many parts of an SEO campaign that are better suited to those  who are technically minded. In particular the on-site elements and analysis of the campaign (using web analytics). There are also elements of a link building campaign that require a lot of analysis. Understanding what links to acquire, where on the page to acquire them and how to harness the power of those links, are all suited to those with an analytical approach to  work. Of course there are great link building tools to help with that process. There is also a lot of marketing flair required to put a solid link building strategy together for a site in today’s world of search. Social media has added a lot of opportunities to increase your linking opportunities, but it’s also quite labor intensive, plus can be a little odd for the seo guys who don’t want to buy into the social media onslaught.

I decided to sort out my google reader and prune a lot of feeds that weren’t doing me any good. I tend to like short posts with straight forward tips when it comes to SEO + Link Building. For Internet Marketing + Analytics, I expect posts to be a little more in depth, so I am picky about what I read. The following are some of the blogs I make a point to read, I thought , hey why not share them, because I have been too busy to put together a proper post 🙂

Web Analytics – There are so many things Avinash does well. He makes the subject of Web Analytics cool and interesting. Each of his blog posts has given me something that has improved real world campaigns. His two books on the subject of Web Analytics are brilliant and his conference speeches are funny & entertaining.

Conversionroom – Blog from Google on tracking conversions online, as you would expect, great information on Google Analytics.


SEOBlackHat – First of, what a great name for a blog. Second, the blog has a lot of great information, regardless of your stance on white, gray or black hat. Although, most people who say they are whitehat, just don’t understand that near everything they do is probably considered against Googles TOS.

FromZerotohero – This blog isn’t for everyone but being a former developer, I find it pretty interesting.

WeBuildPage – These guys are one of the best on the net. They provide great information and from what people tell me, the best link building service around.

GrayWolfs SEO Blog -Michael Gray offers a lot of great information on his blog. The majority of it SEO based. I got a lot of great WordPress SEO tips over there (also check out for WordPress tips)

SEO Theory – Michael Martinez writes some great stuff on SEO and his bashing of SEOMoz is pretty funny. Two reasons to check him out.

RSS Feeds: I also have feeds created for WebMasterWorld for On-Site SEO, Spinn and SearchEngineLand

Link Building – This is a recent addition to my reader. – Not much to say about Eric Ward, a legend in the link building field.

Linkvanareviews – Daniel gives a lot of great info on link building and honest reviews of link building tools. He also provided a great post for this blog, which you can read here

UberLinking – They seem to have gone a little quite over at Uberlinking, but give some great short tips, which can be implemented straight away.

Vdgraff – I recently found this blog through a great little pdf download at Pole Position Marketing. His tip on getting links in the porn industry was pretty funny & extremely smart.

LinkSpiel – Lots and lots of great information over at LinkSpiel – Does a GREAT round up of link building posts from the month gone by.

RSS Feeds – I also have an RSS feed for the link building forum over at WebMasterWorld


Two great sites that feature great posts on Adwords are RedFly and ROI Revolution

Hopefully you pick up a few interesting blogs from the above.

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Online Marketer who implements both inbound and paid strategies to help companies grow internationally. Lover of content marketing, SEO, analytics, CRO and strategy. A highly motivated marketing geek high on data crack.

  • Great article Kieran. I agree, a cull is needed every now and then. If anything, to stop the echo chamber effect. I also agree that more technical posts should be in a little more detail. News type posts should in my opinion be short, to the point and offer a link for more information. I guess it comes down to the “type” of blog you run and what your goals for it are. i.e,blogging for ad revenue, blogging for trust/reputation building etc.

    Thanks for the mention too. Honored to have made your list with such high profile company. I'll try to make it worth your while in future.

  • searchbrat

    Hey Dave,

    Thanks for dropping by. I agree on the below. I always find link building posts are better short and snappy i.e.with something to implement and test out. I like the theory behind them, but always like to test stuff out myself if possible. It's really about finding a balance, time is a precious commodity so needs to be used wisely 🙂

    No problem on the mention, your post on using Adwords for SEO was a great post and is exactly how I approach & think about Search i.e. PPC / SEO should be used in conjunction not in isolation.