Google Wallet Live on Sprint Nexus in San Francisco

Google Wallet Live Sprint

Announced back in May, Google wallet got a lot of people excited about this revolutionary method of payment. The official announcement has been released stating this new feature is to be rolled out this week and it is believed that a coffee shop in San Francisco has the payment teminals set up and ready to use.

Google Wallet will allow you to organise your credit cards, gift cards, loyalty programs, coupons etc and allow you to quickly pay for purchases by simply tapping your phone on the shop terminal, check out the official demo here.

Currently the only available handset that NFC (near field communication) is compatible with is the Sprint Nexus S 4G, however Goolge have made it clear that other android phones will soon contain the chip. Google Wallet enables you to pay with your Citi MasterCard credit card and the Google Prepaid Card, which can be funded with any of your existing plastic credit cards. All it takes is a simple tap of the phone at participating merchants and the card information is send and the payment is made.

Security issues will no doubt be raised and just how much of a nightmare will it be losing your phone when it now contains all of your payment methods. Google wallet is actually safer than the plastic cards you carry around with you, so it’s just a matter of getting that fact stuck into people’s minds. Air travel is far safer than travelling by taxi to the airport, but let’s face it, that big hunk of metal still doesn’t look like it should stay up in the air !!!

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