Google’s SideWiki, What’s It All About

Google sidewiki is a new tool from Google that is part of the Google toolbar. It allows people to leave feedback and comments on web pages. It appears as a browser sidebar which, when expanded, shows comments as well as blog posts that Google has deemed relevant to a particular web page. The interesting part of this is not everyone’s comments will be displayed. Only those Google feel’s relevant get shown. Google has not divulged how they choose the lucky few but have said they use multiple signals based on the quality of the comments, the authors reputations as well as user generated signals i.e. voting.

How Does Google Determine The Quality of a Comment ?

Well it appears Google have tools at their disposal to determine how well a comment is put together. They can determine how sophisticated a comment is, so if all you add is “This Website Blows”, chances are that comment is not going to be seen.

What About the Reputation of the Guy Adding the Comment ?

From what I have read this is based upon what kind of votes or flags your comment has received and also, how your Google profile is ranking. There isn’t much information on how to improve the rank of your Google profile. I am sure this will change overtime if Google is going to be using these as a quality signal.

Claim Your Comment

There is a feature in SideWiki that allows you to claim the first comment on your site. You should need to verify it in Google Webmaster Central and you can add the first comment to one of your own sites. This will appear above all other comments.

Can I Get Some Link Juice

You can add links to comments in sidewiki and also a link to a youtube video but as you would expect they are marked nofollow. Still, a really nice way to get people to your video !!!

What’s More

The comments from Google Sidewiki are indexed.


Clicking on them brings you back to the page in question along with all comments being shown.


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