How SEO can really F**K up your Site – real black hat stuff

by on October 2, 2011

You got to feel for the average webmaster these days, ranking on Google is a big deal and a big industry, it leads to a host of mal practices that can destroy websites and probably a large portion of their business. Take this hotel (

They are probably blissfully unaware Google is indexing their site as follows:

The hotel look as if they are just selling knockoffs. Not a great way to make the big Google god happy. Clicking on any of those links brings you through to the correct hotel page:


Using the really handy Firefox User Agent plugin (you could also just check the Google cache of the page), reveals the sorry state of this site:

Every page has been hijacked:

Every page links to each other with specific keywords. But they also link to other hijacked sites, for example this site for alternatives to animal testing (good cause): has the exact same issue:

The number of sites compromised to sell counterfeit goods in this example goes on, someone has been busy. Google actually stepped up their help for Webmasters against spam tactics, I would say there must be quite a few notifications for the webmasters of the sites involved in this network.

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