How to ensure your SEO Strategy Fails like a Champion

There are some quick and easy steps you can implement to ensure an SEO strategy fails right from the outset. Luckily most people employ these steps so if you are doing any or all of these, you are in good company … hurrah !!!

1) Totally F*CK up your Keyword Strategy by being a greedy PIG

Most people do keyword research in the following way:

– My site is related to market X
– Oh here is a keyword with 200,000 searches per month about market X
– I am going to optimise my site for market X

Guess what, you are going to fail miserably and spend most of your time on forums bitching and moaning about it.

There are 3 rules you need to follow when doing keyword research. You need to:

1) Find the RIGHT keywords for your market
2) Find keywords with some COMMERCIAL value
3) Identify what COMPETITION is there for your keyword

Point 3 is where a lot of people go wrong. If you cannot do competitive analysis, employ someone who can, this will save you a WHOLE LOT of money.

2) Design your whole site in Flash

You are obviously some arty design loving gimp. If you have designed your whole site in flash, then please stop reading now.

3) Pay no attention to your internal link strategy

This has to be one of the most overlooked parts of a good SEO strategy. Your internal links play a huge part in terms of your overall ranking. What’s better is the more content you get indexed in Google, the more you can leverage those internal links plus having great content is the best SEO strategy of them all !!!

Do a Google search for “optimise internal links” … hold on … wait … you won’t find that much content on it (that’s good). Most people talk about keyword research or link building not internal links. Seeing I am such a nice guy, you can check out the following:

a) Internal Link posts from

b) Internal Link posts from

4) Concentrate on PR sculpting using the nofollow tag

Ha, I just put this in so I am current and “on the ball”. If you don’t know what I am talking about, you can check out NoFollow Tags, what to do now

5) Be a Link Tramp

If your link strategy involves the following:

– Identify sites linking to your competitors
– Beg them for a link
– Repeat

Then you are pretty much screwed. The old link exchange routine is pretty redundant and most of these emails are confined to the SPAM folder. Today’s linking is really about good old fashioned PR And Relationship marketing.

6) Moonlight as an Social Media Guru

Everyone is a social media guru now. If you have 10 friends on facebook, tweeted what you had for breakfeast and talk repetitively about a cool viral, pat yourself on the back, you are in demand.

It seem’s no business can be without a social media strategy and they are itching to get onto every web2.0 site to share their brand. What they will soon realize is most people are on these sites talking rubbish to their network and have little time to be friends with a site all about “carpet cleaning”. Plus if your site has 100 facebook friends, what does that really mean ? Pay a student to go down to a local store and hand out some leaflets, you will get more exposure.

Ok, that was a little over the top. The point being, social media works for some markets and not for others. Don’t let it distract you from building a long term SEO strategy. If you are trying to do all things at once, you are usually going to fail.

Anything else I should add ?. Am I completely wrong on some of these points ?, if so please add your own.

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