How to Get Started with Your Link Building Campaign

My rate of blogging on searchbrat is ever decreasing. This is because I am in the process of writing out a functional brief for 3 of my sites (including this one) and trying to keep up with my daily search + analytics work. But the following blog post was inspired by an email I sent to someone looking for consultant work for link building. Their budget was quite small, so instead I gave them a couple of pointers on how they could start getting some links for themselves. The below is for a semi competitive keyword and is just to start getting some links to the site.

1. Directories:

Now, I will probably get dragged out and flogged in the SEO world for mentioning directories. They are rubbish right ? Eric Ward declared directories don’t work years ago (as mentioned in his latest post on link building with Google Instant). But something Eric likes to bang on about is, it’s all relevant to the market you are in. Directories have worked for me, recently helping me to rank on the first page of for a semi competitive keyword. Try to find niche directories:

kw * directory

intitle:directory “kw”

inrul:directory “kw”

kw “submit * url”

kw “add * website”

There are lots of variations you can use to find niche directores. One point I would make is, to never submit to free directories. Always look for the paid option.

2. Hub Pages + Articles + Tool Like Unique Article Wizard

Although hub pages can be frustrating if you are looking for a dofollow link. They are a great way to start getting some quality sites to a link. You need a score of 75 or more to get a dofollow link and part of that is based on traffic. When starting out, you can:

– Build a series of hub pages for long tail keywords you are targeting

– Write and publish high quality articles on sites like EzineArticles / Go Articles for similiar long tail keywords. Link to your hub page

– Wait for your articles to be published and monitor the keyword rank of your hub pages

– Use a tool like Unique Article Wizard to run automated links to your articles and hub pages.

The beauty of the above is, you can end up ranking a page from your site and the hub page for the long tail keyword + get some dofollow links. Just ensure you build a quality hub page. If you don’t have time – outsource this.

If you want to give your hub pages or articles a lift, you can purchase one of the forum packages floating around the WarriorForum. Not the nicest ways to build links. But as ViperChill proved recently with this post – still effective.

3. Guest Blog Posts

Guest blog posts can be one of the best ways to build high quality links from topically relevant sites. Writing quality content is key. For example, I recently acquired a PR5 link for a site with a guest blog post + doing promotion for that post. The post took a while to write, but that one link is way more powerful than spending a week doing article marketing.

You can run some commands like:

keyword “guest article”

keyword “guest post”

keyword submit guest post

keyword guest writer

keyword “write for us”

There are a lot more. Or you can go straight to and look for opportunities there. Just remember, do some promotion once published (Twitter, Articles pointing to the post)

4. Referral Traffic

If you have been up and running for a while. You may already have some good link opportunities in your referral traffic. This is the first place I look for established sites. Recently I found a number of good “link leads” by simply looking at a new clients referral traffic. They had existing partnerships that could be leveraged further to create some really high quality links. Best of all, it would be very difficult for competitors to obtain those links.

5. Blog Networks

Ha Ha, no I am not really going to recommend a blog network 🙂 but they are flavor of the month at present.

So there you go. Some places to start getting links. Just remember to mix your anchor text up between keywords and brand – read this post over at SEOWizz for more (I am being nice enough to give him a brand link 🙂

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