Link Building with Nudges from SEOMoz

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Good Friday session from SEOMoz on link building with nudges. It’s interesting how link building can blend into all marketing vehicles. What Rand is discussing here is good conversion practice and it’s great to see how that’s integrated into a good link building concept. I just got my copy of Nudge, now have to find time to read it.

I will see that link building concepts like this are a lot more powerful in markets that lend themselves to social media. It really can be leveraged to generate a lot more links for your site. I always find there are a lot less ideas like this when it comes to sites in “non sexy” markets i.e. insurance etc …

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  • I think now this time social media really gain popularity for getting targeted traffic like twitter and face book but it is not more effective for PPC advertising. Nice article thanks for sharing

  • I am an advocate of social media marketing. Making your customers learn about your product through the use of social platforms is less cumbersome and more enjoyable! I always look forward to Rand Fishkin's whiteboard Fridays, I learn new things every time.