Link Building Services

The world of SEO is changing at a rapid pace from Personalized Search to Real Time Search, it’s going to be a lot more difficult to get traffic. The top 3 spots on Google are already way ahead in terms of clicks received.

click-distribution-serpThe power of links should not be underestimated, they can be the difference in your website picking up 2% of the overall traffic for a keyword or 56%. What kind of impact would that have on your business ?

Where Most People Are Going Wrong Today

The problem with link building is most SEO consultants/firms concentrate on basic methods because they haven’t made the effort to develop strategies that work. This results in link building campaigns that:

  • Concentrate on the wrong keywords
  • Over optimise for selected keywords
  • Over reliant on web directories, reciprocal links, blog commenting
  • Get links that are stuck on pages that Google never indexes
  • Blow your budget on a link bait strategy that delivers nothing

You can read more on optimal link building right here

Stop Wasting Money On Yesterday’s Strategies

You need a  link building strategy that will:

  • Give an honest assessment if you have the budget to rank for selected keywords.
  • Give a full keyword appraisal and select the right keywords for your business
  • Build 100% permanent links
  • Build a natural link profile consisting of both optimal and non-optimal links (this is better for Google)
  • Build links from Authority websites (This helps earn your website more trust with the search engines)
  • Integrate link building with other marketing channels (Social, Offline, PR)

I have developed link building strategies for some of the most competitive markets online (insurance, home based business, fashion, media) and in all cases have generated positive results.

If you need help with link building for your website, then do contact me.