Link Musings and Not Having Much to Say

by on November 15, 2009

Due to an extremely busy month, working on my linking strategies and wrestling with WordPress Thesis, I don’t have an update on Getting Those Darn Links Indexed yet. Well, that is not entirely true, some of the results lead me down an interesting avenue that has eaten up a lot of my time. I will have an update this week.
Here are some interesting musings from the last couple of days having my head buried in linking work:

1. I have noticed in some of the competitive markets I work in, a number of sites have risen dramatically in the SERPs with authoritative links. Now, this is obvious, I know. The interesting point is the % of anchor text links these sites have with the keyword or variations of the keyword. In one case, a site didn’t have the keyword in an back links or on the page that ranked for the keyword. It had some great links from high PR sites. A good linking strategy would target both anchor text links plus links from good sites. It just seems (maybe since Vince) that links from trusted sites are worth a lot more.

2. I read on a forum / blog (or just imagined it) a really nice tip for linking in certain markets. Provide testimonials for vendors in your market can often get you a link from a good page. Obviously this works both ways. If you have an authoritative page, it can be leveraged to get you a lot of testimonials.

3. SEO Agencies + Blog / Forum Commenting = retarded and embarrassing link campaigns. There is no doubt that blog + forum commenting is still a good way to obtain some links. But really, SEO agencies who provide this as part of their link building service need to evaluate how they approach this. I just read a post from Andy Beard that referenced this. I have seen the same thing and it really is dummy work. If this is part of an overall link building campaign (and in a lot of cases it should be), the agency should look to hire a blogger or forum member who is can add value to the conversation. Writing “Nice Post” and then linking to a client site should result in your company being immediately banned from using the word “Link Building Service”.

Ahh, I am sorry for the quality of this post ……


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