Make SEO Simple with these steps and tools

SEO does not have to be rocket science although judging by some posts I read, it can often seem that way. Here are some simple steps to follow when deciding what keyword you want to rank for. I have also referenced some handy tools to use:

Choose your Keyword

Going back to two earlier posts, choosing the right keyword to optimise a page for is extremely important:

SEO Driving business KPI’s

SEO Mapping keywords to pages

The point made in both those posts is that online success is not determined by the amount of traffic you gain but more so by the amount of conversions generated by traffic. SEO is all about driving business KPI’s.

A great method of finding keywords that will drive conversions for your business is with PPC. Using PPC you can setup an Adwords campaign with a set amount of keywords. Within days you will have valuable information about which keywords drive actual conversions. You may discover that some keywords thought to be driving good traffic rarely convert and could be stealing time away from keywords that would deliver more to your bottom line.

Something I always pay attention to when selecting keywords is the number of advertisers using PPC for that keyword.  Strong competition for a keyword is an indication that keyword is driving revenue for other people (or they wouldn’t be spending money on it).

Keep your content fresh

You want to make sure the pages being optimized are getting indexed once every two weeks. If this is not being done it may indicate your link campaign is not working as Google is not finding the page on its own.

In this site’s case the content is indexed regularly as it is a blog, so new content is constantly being submitted (plus I have a sitemap setup to ping Google when a new post is generated)

If your content is not being indexed regularly time to put a little work in:

  1. Does any of the content on page need updating
  2. Go out and look for some links back to this page
  3. Get involved in blogging and reference your site

Check how much traffic your keyword would generate

Although there are countless products available for this, I find the best is the Google Keyword Tool.

What is the competition like for those keywords?

Look at the top 10 search results, what kind of ads are on show, what are the Universal search results like, are the top 3 spots taken by sites such as Wiki, Amazon etc, if so you may be better off choosing another keyword.

Another great tool for checking out the competition is Nichewatch found at

This will show you the competition for certain keywords and give information concerning the pages dominating the top spots such as:

Also look at the on page SEO of the competitor sites. Could they be doing anything better, if so there are opportunities for you to do this with your own web page?

Create your page and get it indexed

Create a proper keyword focused page with proper keyword use in Title, Meta Description, Header and Body copy.

Set up a blog in your chosen market and write some posts. Include a blog post concerning your chosen keyword and link to your page.

Once done, use Yahoo Site explorer ( to look at your competitors back links. Do this for the number one site on Google, you should be able to find opportunities to attract links from similar places. Pay close attention to your anchor text when going after links. Try to use your keyword in any links back to your site.

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