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So you have just completed your keyword competitive analysis. You are now ready to finalize your most popular keywords. Those that will deliver on your website goals.

When thinking of your website. It’s always best to think of it in terms of goals. Why does your site exist ?. What are the individual goals this website seeks to deliver ?. This will help you in both the SEO and Analytical side of your work. But the point I am making in this post is it will help you to determine your final keyword list.

When looking to deliver your final list I would always look at:

a. The Relevance of that keyword to your site
b. The Demand of that keyword (estimated traffic)
c. The competition for that keyword

You then really have to make a judgment call. This obviously gets better with experience (as I am learning). But to help you make this decision try to relate your keyword back to one of those goals. Usually what lies at the heart of lots of traffic and a bad conversion rate is poorly selected keywords. If your keywords are wrong from the start then you may spend months optimizing your site for the wrong set of users.

You can simply break your keyword list down into 3 categories:

a. Brand: A lot of people forget SEO is about branding. Everything you do both on and off your site communicates something to the search engines about your brand.
b. Focused and competitive: These are going to be keywords you put into primate locations such as your home page and those pages in your main navigation.
c. Focused and low competition: These are keywords that may be relevant to your business but don’t have a lot of competition. They will be suited to your inner pages i.e. in sub navigation or articles.

So there you have it. A series of posts all about keywords. If you want to go back and read from the start you can check out Keyword and Discovery

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