Never pay for a SEO product again

There are a lot of bad products in the information market space. The majority of them do seem to be rehashed fluff that is just sold under a number of different forms. Though there are some worth buying. I just purchased a couple on affiliate marketing as their was a few interesting modules in them. One thing I don’t understand is people forking out cash on overpriced SEO products.

The thing about SEO is there are no AHA moments. No course is going to show you a quick and easy tactic you can implement in under an hour and rank number one in Google the next day. If there is a course like that, I will put money on it’s a strategy that will work one day and get you spanked the next. Therefore it’s not something worth doing if you want to build up a sustainable income.

I recently read a review of a much publicized new course on SEO that “Guaranteed to show you a secret technique to rank number 1”. This technique was to get links from the top sites in your market. Seriously, if I bought that product I would have driven down to their offices and burnt them down. People should be embarrassed to churn out basic SEO techniques and dress them up as “secrets”.

To get your knowledge up in SEO, it can cost you nothing. To get you started pick up “SEO Fast start” by Dan Theis or “SEO Mindset” from Brad Callen. Both of these books provide you a great introduction to SEO. After that you can keep up on the latest news and tutorials by creating your very own SEO magazine. Simply go to

And add the following RSS feeds

This should be enough from a reading point of view to get you started. It’s all about practice then. What you may pay for are tools to help you automate some of your work. I also pay for a membership site that gives me access to some good SEO video’s. But that is because I am a little SEO obsessed 😉 …

Let me know how you find it !!!

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