Online Marketing 2009 Plan

So a new year is upon us and another year to try make some progress online. Although the world is ending, it’s always a good time for online marketing (keep telling yourself that). I have chosen a few products to buy in 2009 from which I hope to learn a few neat tricks. These are:

1. SEO Mindset

Brad Callen is very well known in the world of SEO. He is responsible for software such as Keyword Elite and Search Marketing Elite. Speak to people working in search engine marketing and you will more than likely get recommended his software. He is currently offering the SEO mindset book (worth $97) for free (well you need to sign up for a months trial of his SEO membership site).

2. Stone Evan’s Dotcomology

This is a free ebook, 325 pages long, that gives people a start on how to make money online. It has received good reviews and although internet marketing changes everyday, the methods described in this book can be altered to whatever strategy you may be undertaking.

3. Secret Affliate Code

This is $97 dollar product about affiliate marketing. Is a $97 dollar product going to make you rich ? No f**king way. Think about it. If every $97 dollar product did what it said, then we would all be living the dream and there would be no on left in the s**t jobs that keep the world ticking (although at present, the world may just stop ticking by itself). But this is apparently a good guide to affiliate marketing and I am sure there are things to learn from it.

4. Lazy Super-Affiliate Guide

This is another affiliate guide, this time only costing $29.95 dollars. For that money, it’s worth a read.

5. Players with money

This is a 8 step by step blueprint on how to sell products online”. It is from a well known IM Alex Gaud. This is membership site and is currently closed. I am sure they will open the site again at some stage. It costs $67 a month. This very expensive so will be the last product I would commit to in 2009 (after I am racking it in from my $97 dollar courses above).

That’s it. Not a huge list huh, well that is because I am self confessed maniac when it comes to reading everything new that comes out from every internet marketer. That’s a lot of stuff.

But there is a point to be made. I spend waaaayyy too much time reading and not enough doing. So I am aiming to read a limited amount of online marketing this year and put into practice what I learn. You should at least expect to earn the price of your product back from the things you learn. I also read a lot of stuff outside of online marketing (lots of stuff on Google Analytics for my work and also NLP which I study).

Just on software to use. I have chosen

XsitePro2, RoboForm and Snagit for my needs. You can Google and check them out.
So thats my plan, I will come back and review each one as I go along. Looking forward to great success with them in 2009.

About Kieran Flanagan

Online Marketer who implements both inbound and paid strategies to help companies grow internationally. Lover of content marketing, SEO, analytics, CRO and strategy. A highly motivated marketing geek high on data crack.