Online Marketing Round – 14.02.09

So just a quick post to say what I have been interested in this week from an online marketing point of view.

1. I have been watching a lot of Frank Kerns free stuff in the lead up to his Mass Control 2.0 launch, This guy is a genius in my mind. A lot of the marketing techniques remind me of things I learned during my NLP training. This is backed up by the fact he has a testimonial from Tony Robbins, which is pretty cool. The launch is being supported by every big marketer I know (who’s email list I am on) so it’s sure to sell out fast. I would love to get it but 2k is a little much for me at the moment and I don’t have time to give it the attention it deserves. But I will be picking up some of his stuff in the future.

2. I am going through my first call on Howie Schwartz’s black hat is back. From an SEO point of view I am interested in anything and everything. I have watched a lot of Howies free stuff and like his approach to market research so thought I would spend a few bucks on his course. The first call is pretty boring to be honest. Just generic stuff. Hopefully it will pick up. Not that I am that interested in implementing black hat techniques (although he doesn’t really teach black hat is more aggressive marketing) but I like to know about anything going on in my sector.

3. I think the announcement regarding the canonical tag by all three SE’s is pretty huge. I already know two clients who could really use this. I was using a pretty lavish robots.txt/nofollow strategy to fend of duplicate content before. So I am looking forward to giving this a go.

Thats about it. Been real busy in my SEO activities at work so this is all I have got done in the spare hours i had …

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