Reverse Engineer Spam to create some great Link Opportunities

Guess what, as awful as it sounds, profile, forum and even some blog commenting links still work. There are countless of services that automate these services. Hell, just sold for 65k over on Flippa, business is still good for these kind of links.

The following is a quick way to reverse engineer some spam to find high value forums, blogs and sites where you can drop links.

**WARNING** – You can use any tactic described to build links (or most) for good or bad, always weigh up the good/bad points of taking each route.

Step 1: Visit the Stop Forum Spam. This is a forum that lists people who have been spamming forums:

Hey, lots of gmail addresses.

Step 2: Well, you can simply take some user names and start running google queries like so:

The above looks for threads with PR (using SEO Quake) that only have one page of comments.

Step 3: Most of these guys have found forums where they can easily drop links, although some have just went crazy spamming. If you build a list of forums, you can easily look for high value threads that only have 1 page of comments (meaning your comment is not on page 3 of 1 and thus, having no real PR):

The same kind of commands can be used to look for blog comment opportunities (I don’t condone blog commenting for links):

Here you can see an example of a blog post that spammers have identified as presenting an opportunity for links, simply take one of those names and:

with your trusty Google commands and SEO Quake you can back track over their links and look for high PR opportunities (again, I DO NOT CONDONE blog commenting for links).

Why Blog About This ?

You may or may not agree with the above tactics, but think how you can apply in a nicer way :). Find your competitors guest blog posts, PR releases, articles and start using the same process to identify opportunities for yourself. Look to see what they are posting and make better versions.

Walking on the dark side can give you great ideas for link strategies.

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