Review of Gab Goldenbergs Advanced SEO Book

If someone asked what my biggest weakness is at the moment, it’s my ability to read a book from start to finish. It’s not that I am lazy or cannot read, the problem is I don’t have time and have a nasty habit of starting multiple books at once. I  decided this year to read one book at a time (recommended) and take some time away from the laptop to do this (again recommended).

The Book

I picked up a copy of Gab Goldenbergs Advanced SEO Book on pre-order (get it here) and managed to get it read in under a week. The book itself is a lot different from most SEO books. It’s not structured in the usual way (you know the format, what is SEO, On-site, Link building, how to be an SEO consultant) and instead gives a nice insight into how Gab thinks. The first section of the book is full of some great tips on how to improve yourself as an SEO. I love the section “Do Whatever it Takes to Gain Experience”. I believe in this passionately and have no time for people who sit back and constantly read but never implement. I lived by that line for my first year working online and did a huge amount of work for nothing (in fact, I lost money on a lot of my own ventures in year 1) but I gained a huge amount of knowledge. I also like how Gab explains how to set up an SEO test.

Critical Thinking

For the most part this first section of the book deals a lot with your critical thought process. I have a feeling that some people may struggle with this part as they are thinking “Just show me how to rank 1st !!”, but your thought process is essential to your success online. Maybe these chapters appealed to me because of my NLP background, but in saying that, I am definitely going to give them a second read :), Gab is a smart guy and it shines through in this section of the book. He has broken down the ideal thought process for an advanced SEO into 7 key elements. Really cool section

Box of Tricks

Now, for the people screaming “Just tell me how I can get to the top of Google”, Gab has a whole section on cool advanced tactics. Warning: The advanced tactics aren’t, create buffer sites, build 1000s of tiered 2 links to these, feed these through feeder sites for indexation etc etc 🙂 they are actually some really creative ways to implement various SEO tactics. I don’t think Gab is expecting everyone of these to suit your site or sites. But instead they get your brain racing in terms of how can you tweak them and apply to your site. The core takeaway of this section is CREATIVITY. This section is for people who understand SEO e.g. it’s actually for advanced SEO’s (or intermediate) but somewhere above what most advanced SEO books discuss.

In essence, this is a really good read and something I am going to take a second read through. I would note, this is for people who are in the SEO field e.g. it’s not a starter book for SEO that claims it’s advanced but then explains what a page title and meta description is.

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