Send a friendly welcome using Twitter

When you work in Online Marketing I feel it’s always nice to be polite and welcome people if they make an effort to read a blog post or follow you on twitter.

A cool tool for Twitter is This allows you to manage your twitter account via their setup and you can do some really cool things. For now you can simple

1. Create an account

2. Add your twitter account

3. Choose to send an automated response once a user chooses to follow you (Don’t try and sell them something).

Next you need to set up a filter in Gmail:

1. Logon to your Gmail a/c

2. Choose to create a filter and fill out the following details:


Has the words: is now following you on Twitter

3. Click Next Step

Forward it to: twitterfollow@tweetlater.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

And update your filter. Just be sure you don’t tick the box which sends it to all the people who are following you …

Simple as that. A nice little way to engage your users from the beginning.

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