SEO Services

How can an SEO Strategy help you ?

  • More Traffic that is actively looking to buy what you are selling
  • Lower Costs by taking advantage of free traffic
  • Long Term Results that mean you don’t have to keep paying for traffic (free listings in Google (Organic) receive up to 8 times more traffic than PPC)

What Can I help you with ?

1. Keyword and Competitor Analysis:

Keyword Research is the process of identifying the best search phrases and keywords to use for an SEO campaign. This is the most important element of a successful SEO campaign. The best keywords are not always those with the highest volume. It’s important to pick keywords that will not only drive traffic, but also deliver conversions. Competition also plays a vital part in what keywords are selected. Key elements of this are:

– Generate a list of highly searched keywords that are relevant to your site
– Assign each keyword with an SEO value (this is the commercial value of a keyword dependent on where a site is ranked)
– Perform competitive research for each keyword to identify competitor strategies and ensure your campaign is laser focused on beating them.

2. Onsite Optimisation:

Onsite Optimisation takes keywords researched in the step above and maps these to individual pages. The process involves:

  • Optimise internal linking to improve both keyword rank and indexing of a website
  • Identify issues that may be causing problems for a sites ability to rank for chosen keywords or in getting content indexed
  • Map the right keywords against the right pages to ensure low bounce rate and high conversions
  • Improve click-through rate in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s)
  • Optimize existing content for selected keywords

3. Link Building:

Link Building is the most important part of an SEO campaign. It can rank a website top 3 in Google for many of your target keywords. There are a variety of methods that can be used to generate links for a website. Often they can vary dependent on the market you are in. But if you’re solely reliant on old techniques like reciprocal links or web directories, there is little chance of you competing in today’s market.

I have developed link strategies for some of the most competitive markets online (insurance, home based business, fashion, media) and in all cases have generated postive results.

4. Analytics / Online Performance

Analytics should be the life blood of any online strategy. It’s the key to ensuring you are a success online. I managed Web Analytics for a large range of clients. The right Web Analyitcs implementation can transform the way you see your business. If you want to better understand what impact online is having on your business and where the opportunities may lie, I can help.

If you need help with any of the above or want to find out more, then just contact me.