SEO SpyGlass Told Me To Buy Links …. OK THEN !!!

Nothing beat’s the feeling of getting a new SEO tool. It’s the same kind of feeling you had as a child when you were unwrapping Christmas presents under the tree. The shiny new features, set to make your life just that little bit easier or maybe I am just a bit of a geek !!!.

I don’t use too many tools. I try and concentrate on a few and work them into a defined strategy. There are so many great free plugins for mozilla that you can do a lot without forking over lots of cash. I do have a copy of Market Samurai, which I love. I recently started using SEO SpyGlass after trialing it for over a month. One thing you need in the SEO game is some good competitive analysis tools and both of these deliver. Why do you need this, well remember in SEO Strategies that fail I mentioned being a greedy f*cking pig. You need to get your head around link analysis and link building.

Now SEO Spyglass is a nice little tool so I am by no means going to start dissing it. I do however find it’s SEO blueprint reports pretty interesting. Under their exact steps to increase PR, step 3 is:

3. Buy links. This is the fastest way, but of course there’s a price to pay. Just email the site’s webmaster and ask how much it would cost to get a link. Most of them will be happy to sell you a link for as little as $30-40 a month.

Take That Matt Cutts

That’s how to stick it to Matt Cutts, just recommend it in your reports to all users. Not only is it recommended but it’s the “fastest” way and get this, most webmasters are happy to sell links. F*cking sweet, why do I even bother using the tool for links analysis, I am just going to bang out a load of mails asking to buy links …

Ok to back up a little on this. I really don’t care if SEO Spyglass recommend buying links. I am not one of those people who shudder at the idea of this going on. I have seen countless sites ranking top of Google with a lot of spammy links Google say’s it doesn’t count and can detect. Let’s look at the recommendations made by SEO Spyglass:

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Build Me Some Freaking Links – 3 Steps

1. Swap Links: AAAhhhhh the old wink, wink ….. nudge, nudge of linking. I’ll give you one if you give me one. You will probably find about 70% of your competitors links are garbage and are of no use. This form of linking can be pretty tedious and doesn’t yield great results. I am sure the common perception of link exchanging is going to die out in the next couple of years. I whole heartily agree with doing competitive analysis on your competitor and looking for opportunities to nick his/her best links. But sending begging letter after begging letter is not something you want to spend time doing. Oh yeah, SEO SpyGlass does a great job of sorting links by the value they add to the page.

2. Offer Something: That’s right, offer to sleep with each webmaster if they will give you a link. Just to point out, in case of any lawsuits, SEO Spyglass don’t recommend this. It’s my own strategy I am divulging for free.

But on the actual point of offering something to potential partners, this is a great strategy and should replace your link exchanging to some extent. It’s basic relationship market where you are offering something of value. What can I offer for free ? There is a tonne of stuff:

– Hand written content
– Discount on products
– Free reports
– Free ebooks
– Free access to a membership site

etc etc. This is one area that can drive lots of results if implemented correctly. The most important point is you won’t get it right each and every time. If you fail the first time, don’t just quit and go back to mundane link exchanging. Find what works for your market.

3. Buy Links: YES LOTS OF THEM or make your own choices 🙂 Go to Matt Cutts blog and search for paid links

I am not going to discuss the right or wrongs on paid links as it’s all context dependant on the market you are in !!!

To Sum UP

In case it got lost in the post somewhere, I love SEO Spyglass as a tool and highly recommend it. I do feel their reports could be improved a little but this isn’t the main selling point of the tool and doesn’t take away from all the other great features.

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