SEO Workshop

Proper SEO Training will give you the necessary tools and knowledge to improve the search engine performance of your website. This is must have training if you:

a. Have an online business and want to improve both organic traffic and conversions
b. Want to create your own profitable site online
c. Need to outsource SEO as part of your job
d. Managing an SEO agency and want to ensure they are delivering on promises

The next planned workshop for 2011 is being planned. At the moment I have a waiting list and will email people once it’s live. Versions of the training will be available both offline and online so location is not an issue. Simply contact me to register your interest.

On Page SEO: This section will show you how to map keywords identified in section one to your own site and what other changes you can make immediately to start improving the ranking of your site. On Page changes will make a dramatic impact on both your organic traffic and conversions. Often a very small tweak can make a big difference to your business.

Link Analysis/Building: Once you have chosen the right keywords and completed On Page SEO, it’s time to look at a Link Strategy and Link Building. Link Analysis done correctly will break down competitors marketing strategies and give you ideas of what type of strategy will work for you. Links play a critical role in how your site will perform online. This section will ensure you are armed with all the knowledge you need to either build the correct links for your site or outsource to a 3rd party. Many sites have been banished from Google due to bad link practices. This section will make sure you never end up in trouble with Google.

Google Analytics: This is the most overlooked part of a successful SEO strategy. Google Analytics gives you critical insights for your business. The right Google Analytics report will quickly show you how your business is performing, where it can be improved and what changes to implement. Learn what are the 10 most important Google Analytics reports for your business and how to implement them.


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