SEO’s are retards

The sheer stupidity of people who work in SEO never ceases to amaze me. It appears they read some IM product on “How to f*ck Google up the ass and get rick quick”, which tells them to go out and spam everywhere with stupid links. You then see them appear everywhere, adding comments in blogs like “Get SEO done with We get your site to the top”, not realizing that in 2005 Google introduced the nofollow tag. In fact the dipshits probably don’t know what the tag does.

But what pisses me off even more is when you go join SEO forums/groups to chat/learn about your industry and these guys are spamming links offering SEO services. What incurs is a load of retards all spamming each other with identical services. This happens on all the facebook groups. I joined a couple of facebook groups, for networking, talking, call it what you like but every group is just full of people advertising their own service. It resembles a load of drug dealers hanging around together trying to get each other high. I was just about to post a question on the Irish Webmaster Forum and some genius from is advertising their service. What do they think is going to happen advertising SEO services in a SEO forum … what the fuck !!!

This is a rant of sorts but really there should some type of IQ test you need to pass before being allowed on the net to work as an SEO. It would probably cut the industry down by half !!

Just so I am clear. I am not giving out about advertising on forums, social groups etc but SEO people who spam SEO forums advertising their firms should not be allowed on the net full stop.

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