I am a marketing geek, obsessed by the art, consumed by the metrics. I love nothing more to put my thoughts into a deck and share with lots of awesome marketers.

Some of the events I’ve spoken at:

1) The Art and Science of Content PromotionInbound14 – Boston (see deck here)

2) Inbound Marketing the Art of Not Sucking – Speaker at the Conference Marketing Show

3) The Absence of Context is Bad for Your Help – speaker at Inbound Marketing UK (see deck here)

4) Inbound Marketing – Your Secret to Success – speaker at B2B Marketing Summit 2013 (see deck her)

5) How to Create a Love Story between Marketing and Sales – speaker at B2B Marketing Forum NL (see deck here)

6) How to Create a Successful Content Machine – keynote speaker at Digital Marketing Congres 2014

7) #SocialSuccess: An Inbound Marketing Case Study – speaker at TFMA (see deck here)

8) TFMA Keynote 2015

9. Inbound Marketers Depend on Their Wits not Wallets – Speaker at Inbound UK (see deck here)

10. The Marketers Guide to Growth Hacking – Speaker at LearnInbound (see deck here)

LearnInbound - Marketers Guide to Growth Spurts

Other places I’ve spoken (well those I can remember :))

Data-Driven Marketing Roadshow

DMX Dublin

– eConsultancy Funnel 2012

Search Meets Social

The Route to Social Success (Distilled Meetup)

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