Despite being a self confessed introvert, I’ve always liked speaking, weather it’s to my dog, my friends, random nut jobs on the street or fellow marketers. Luckily I’ve had a really opportunity to use up all my speaking energy at a variety of events.

Some of the places I’m going to speak this year:

a. Full Stack Marketing in 21.08.15 in Edinburgh

b. Inbound15 in Boston Sept 8th to 11th

3. Growth Hacking Conference in Barcelona Nov 10th

Some of the events I’ve spoken at (those I can remember):

1) The Art and Science of Content PromotionInbound14 – Boston (see deck here)

2) Inbound Marketing the Art of Not Sucking – Speaker at the Conference Marketing Show

3) The Absence of Context is Bad for Your Help – speaker at Inbound Marketing UK (see deck here)

4) Inbound Marketing – Your Secret to Success – speaker at B2B Marketing Summit 2013 (see deck her)

5) How to Create a Love Story between Marketing and Sales – speaker at B2B Marketing Forum NL (see deck here)

6) How to Create a Successful Content Machine – keynote speaker at Digital Marketing Congres 2014

7) #SocialSuccess: An Inbound Marketing Case Study – speaker at TFMA (see deck here)

8) TFMA Keynote 2015

9. Inbound Marketers Depend on Their Wits not Wallets – Speaker at Inbound UK (see deck here)

10. The Marketers Guide to Growth Hacking – Speaker at LearnInbound (see deck here)

LearnInbound - Marketers Guide to Growth Spurts








Data-Driven Marketing Roadshow

DMX Dublin

– eConsultancy Funnel 2012

Search Meets Social

The Route to Social Success (Distilled Meetup)

Some people think I did an ok job at this speaking thing:

Inbound UK in Liverpool 2014

Inbound UK 2013 in London